Spriha is a front-end developer for Comcast. She has her undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. After working with Code for Boston for a year, she came to Philadelphia in August 2019. An avid home cook, Spriha prefers the great indoors in the comfort of her abode. Spriha will be our new Projects Lead and will assist with coordinating new projects and keeping existing projects on track. She’ll also make sure that project teams have what they need to succeed.

Julia is a researcher who has done quite a bit of moving around in her life. She grew up in Baltimore (Maryland), Kansas City (Missouri), and Atlanta (Georgia). She moved again for graduate work at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and then yet again to Philadelphia for a postdoctoral position. Her work throughout the years has included: dissecting a human brain, hosting a support group for stroke survivors, neuroimaging research subjects, and surveying children with chronic illnesses about their quality of life. Most of the time she’s at a computer, working with data, oftentimes through her job as a Research Scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where she contributes to patient-centered clinical research. Inspired by Code for Philly’s dedicated members from many backgrounds, who help many local organizations and initiatives, Julia is looking forward to contributing more herself while she gets to know the rest of the leadership team here. We look forward to working with Spriha and Julia (hopefully in real life someday soon, as opposed to behind our webcams) and are excited to see what they bring to Code for Philly! Julia is our new Communications Lead and will be in charge of Code for Philly announcements, social media accounts, and all public-facing activity.

Code for Philly is still looking for an events coordinator and another project lead. Email hello@codeforphilly.org if interested!