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Bring your talents and energy to this year’s Launchpad to help us inspire solutions to serving Philly’s “Phundamentals” - the fundamental services, support, and staples that all residents need to thrive in the 21st century. Events start Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th.

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2018's Idea Night at City Hall

Read on below for why you should join us this year.

1st - You’ll find it easy to participate

At Launchpad, many projects are just starting, so you can be a part from the start. Then, existing projects that attend are intentionally looking for new contributors with a specific goal/milestone in mind.

Plus, you’ll have a clear finish line - October 1st. The final Launchpad event is Demo Night where you have a chance to share what you’ve been working on (and why!) to the community and judges.

2nd - You’ll use and continue to grow your skills

Civic tech volunteer teams benefit from participants of all types of backgrounds and levels of expertise.

  • Technologists with advanced, professional skills can take the lead in project design and development
  • Mid-level members take on tasks that support their learning and contribute to project advancement
  • Others can play vital roles in leading, researching, designing, and launching project
  • Content experts and partner organizations contribute extensive, nuanced knowledge of the subject matter; they help guide and structure a project so that it tackles key needs, creating the greatest possible impac

Don’t believe us? Read Miriam Peskowitz’s post from Launchpad 2017.

2017 Demo Night

Last, but not least - You’ll do good while having fun

Working together towards a common cause with other volunteers and subject matter experts is extremely rewarding. By the end of the month you will have:

  • Proposed civic-tech project ideas in City Hall
  • Met other people interested in tackling Philly’s ‘Phundamentals’ - including city officials and nonprofit leaders
  • Work collaboratively to produce innovative prototypes that address your team’s idea and area of focus -
  • Applying skills you maybe didn’t even know were applicable
  • You took action to make Philly a better place

About Launchpad 2019

Code for Philly’s Launchpad 2019 is a month-long community initiative to launch public, open source, and multi-disciplinary projects. Evolving from weekend hackathons, Launchpad provides the resources, setting, and framework for diverse teams and individuals who want to make a positive impact. We welcome anyone who wants to engage with fellow citizens and local government. The best teams bring together a diverse set of talents and experiences.

A full description of Launchpad, including a schedule of events, sponsors, and eventually a project list, can be found here

About Code for Philly

All Code for Philly projects must be public servicing and not-for-profit. In addition, projects must use an open source or creative commons license - so that other volunteers can benefit from your efforts and keep the torch of civic engagement alive.

New to Code for Philly? Find out more about us here:

All attendees are expected to follow the Code for Philly Code of Conduct; which can be found at the following link: