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im working to create a longitudinal social justice stop the violence data mapping initiative to add stories from communities addressing the various forms of violence plaguing our city. im working on learning code that helps us map our stories because so much policy, whether we like it or not, is created based on us without us at the table. i reached out to the Algorithmic Justice League to see if i can host a viewing of their documentary "Coded Bias" to help show how we are experimented in this society. I will then ask people to upload a photo of themselves in various rotations, with #CITEAFROAMERICANWOMEN #CITEAFROAMERCIANMAN #CITEYOURCULTURE to help add more of our images to the database feed currently hosting surveillance of us all. the social justice comes in mapping our day to day stories. how we feel, what we are involved in, how we are creating for ourselves. im introducing open source platforms including youtube, a exploration contest to design life on Mars and Lets Build A Town an actual working group of afro americans at the table of establishing township. Would you or know of anyone interested in helping me to data map our stories!! i have several community groups interested in learning data science to map our stories and hope to start by july.

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