Corey Acri (Administrator) Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Buzz

DVRPC releases new CyclePhilly data on which streets cyclists use most

During the first six-month study period, 220 unique users logged 8,340 individual trips on the app, yielding a trove of trip data that provides a glimpse into the cycling behavior of the people who used it.

When the initial findings were released, DVRPC said they would eventually make (anonymized) trip-by-trip GIS data available for those looking to conduct additional analysis of specific routes, and yesterday they made good on that promise.

Three new datasets have now been added to the “download data” tab under “Tools and Data” on the DVRPC web site.

Trip detail by segment (available as a Shapefile) Discrete trip data for each segment in the network, including voluntary (but not personally-identifiable) rider characteristics for each trip. Trip by trip summary (available as a Shapefile or a GeoJson): Linework for every individual trip. Segment network nodes (available as a Shapefile or a GeoJson): Can be used with the above datasets to support spatial analysis, such as origin-destination analysis.

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