Christopher Nies (Administrator) GreenSTEM Network Update #5

We won!

Well, more accurately, we received the 2nd place award at the AT&T Edutech Hackathon event last week. Our project was in awesome form - we had the completed prototype hardware (complete with metal-and-plastic sunflower!) and a bucket of dirt. And during the presentation, we pour some water in it, and lo-and-behold, the data was being updated in realtime on the website!

Live demoing like a boss (a group of bosses, really).

Our project is looking good. Now we're moving into the next phase of Solar Sunflower improvements, the "would-be-nice" stuff that will really make it shine.

This includes: 1. SD Card for logging the data in case the network goes down 2. Additional sensors, including temperature, sunlight, etc. 3. Connecting to data sources for context (such as USGS stuff) using our server 4. Sprucing up the user interface on the student/teacher side to make understanding the data easier!

We're also using D3, which is a powerful graphing library for JavaScript. We want to improve the graphing and data presentation to make it useful to students and teachers alike.