Matt Zumwalt  Dat Jawn Update #8

Activities for Week 4 (03/06 - 03/12)

If there's one Jawn meeting you don't want to miss this quarter, it's probably this week's meeting.

This week we will start implementing real features. Plus we have a special meeting lined up at the code{4}lib conference on Wednesday where we will get to interact with software developers from around North America.

Wednesday Meeting: Claiming Assignments and Hacking with Code4Lib attendees

Matt has arranged for us to meet at the code{4}lib conference on Wednesday evening and has invited some of his favorite coders to participate in our first Agile Scrum, where you will pick up assignments from the list of assignments on github. There will be plenty of fun coders around all evening to pair program, answer questions, or just hang out.

Time: Wednesday 6pm-9pm.
Location: Sheraton Society Hill

Note: we might stop hacking and go socialize around 8pm. Depends on whether we're on a roll.

Tuesday Presentation: Matt's Talk at code{4}lib

Matt will be on a panel at code{4}lib 2016 where he will talk about Jawn.

Time: Tuesday 1:00pm-2:30pm.
Location: The entire conference will be live-streamed on the code{4}lib YouTube channel. If you miss the live stream, the video should be up there soon after the conference.