Michiko Quinones  YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #23

And…..we're back.

So you may have been wondering…where are the Yadaguru folks? Well, I for one, went and had a massive wedding in Pennsauken, followed by a fabulous honeymoon in sunny Florida. We all kind of took a bit of a mental hiatus from the project. With civic all volunteer projects people can reach a fatigue point and we didn't want that to happen. So we all took that break. And now, we're refreshed and ready to dive in again. I'm going to focus on building out architecture diagrams and updating the readme on github with the goal of making setup a one hour thing (right now its like 4 hours with some help needed). Aidan is pushing some code soon. And Bob and I will be at the July 12 hack night to sync up again and hopefully meet devs who want to help out on this awesome project. See you all then!