Matt Zumwalt  Dat Jawn Update #9

Recruiting New Cohort for Mentorship Project

We're recruiting a new set of participants for the Dat Jawn Mentorship Project. Enrollment is open until 9/27. Tell your friends!

This project has three main purposes:

  1. Create open source software
  2. Provide mentorship in computer science and software development
  3. Give people experience creating software on teams

What We're Creating

We will be creating software that deals with distributed version control for datasets, which is a pretty advanced topic. We’ve framed the work so that it’s connecting with two established open-source projects: noms and ipfs. Those projects do most of the heavy lifting so we can focus on learning about the concepts involved.


  • Enrollment (8/30–9/27): meet us, set up your dev environment, start learning Go-lang
  • Workshops (10/4–11/22, just before Thanksgiving)
  • Transitioning to development (11/29–12/6)
  • Development sprints (12/13 through mid-February)

Who Can Join the Cohort

  • You must provide your own laptop.
  • You must be comfortable writing code in some programming language (Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C++, etc). We will not be covering basics of software programming.
  • You must commit to attending at least the 8 weeks of workshops.
  • You must be prepared to work hard at collaborating with a team and dealing with complex computer science topics

Why You Should Join

Get experience with…

  • Working on teams: using Agile processes, writing tests, documenting code, using version control
  • Looking underneath the hood of version control systems
  • Creating and sharing data in distributed systems
  • Applying user-centered design practices
  • Coding in the Go programming language

How to Get Involved