Michiko Quinones  YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #27

We dockerized and it's literally minutes to install the whole dev stack and get up and running. Check out these awesome instructions https://github.com/yadaguru/yadaguru-app/wiki/Yadaguru-Dev-Environment-Setup.

So easy even I (ProductOwnerScrumMasterNonCoder) could do it.

Bob has put a tremendous amount of work into this, complete with literally hundreds of API tests that run on single 'npm test' command. So awesome. We are doing the most right now:

A) finishing up the app, B) configuring twilio to get text up and running, C) then moving to CFP AWS instance.
D) Convincing twilio to give us a 501c3 discount

You are welcome to help with any of it. The front end stuff can all be found here on our waffle board. We will be at 12/20 CFP to talk through the 'Agreed We Need to work on It' column.

So if you want to learn or if you are advanced coder who wants to contribut to get us to the finish line, have we got a deal for you!

On the marketing front, we had a good season with Version 1, topped off by that awesome visit to Southwest Leadership Development Academy. Their tweet:

"Thank you to all who attended our college information session tonight with @yadaguru & @CodeForPhilly #alumni #roadtocollege #collegeweek pic.twitter.com/FpOhr7HzNc

— Southwest Leadership (@SLACSinfo) October 4, 2016"

To date we've helped about 100 kids with applications. The focus now is to finish V2 and then start a new marketing campaign to prep for Juniors classes in May who will be seniors in the fall.