Jess Mason (Staff) Megalithic Timeline OpenSource Project Update #2

Were Hosting a 2nd meetup This sunday @ Indy Hall Coworking space.

Meetup Link: Sunday Morning{Open-Source­­} Community Project - Megalithic Timeline (Part-1)

The Idea:

Megalithic Timeline is an open-source project I want to build in order to convey a better history of Human made megalithic structures and an anthropology of humans throughout history. I've been fascinated with uncovering the anthropology of the people who built these unbelievable monuments which have withstood the test of time and forces of nature to give us a glimpse back in time.

Build Goal:

My goal with this project is to help bring together people who are interested in discovering Science & History through coding together. If we are successful at building this dynamic app, we'll help reach broader audiences to further convey the ideas outlined above.

Part 1 of the sunday morning coding session will be to discuss the different parts of the app to be built and collaborated on. Thereafter we will break off into groups and begin architecting and designing the Back-end & Front-end parts of the app. After allotted time we'll group back together and Review.

This app will be developed using:

Front-End: ~Angular 2 ~HTML ~CSS ~Javascript

Back-End: ~Neo4j virtual graph database & companion Cypher graph query language. ~Node.js ~MongoDB NoSQL

Hosting: ~Heroku



~Pocket API

~Wolfram Alpha API

~Google API

Trello Board: Trello Board

Event: There will be food and drinks provided by our sponsors for the event.

~Pizza ~Beer ~Snacks & More


We will be meeting in the Art Gallery of Indy Hall’s Co-working Space on the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn building which is on the corner of Market st. and 4th.

Front Doors Lock after 12:00 PM < Call or text > (267) 393-0910 and someone will be down to let you in. TuneIn online: We're setting up a Zoom­ Conference call in case you want to attend but can't make it here physically. I'll be posting a Link here when we start casting the meetup so you can join in from the Technium.