Billy Hanafee  PHLASK: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Water Update #7

Hello Code for Philly community! We are long overdue for a public update on the Code for Philly website. The PHLASK team has been diligently working since the end of the summer, and we now have a launch roadmap for 2020!

We’ve conceived of the project in two interconnected hemispheres: the PHLASK Tech and PHLASK Social Practice.

  • PHLASK Tech: building the tools for the PHLASK Map & App
  • PHLASK Social Practice: building momentum to reach the PHLASK mission

The following outline shows how the two hemispheres will be working towards an ultimate launch of the PHLASK App with the core objectives in each phase.



  • Map Filters
  • Legend
  • PHLASK Tap Data points

PHLASK Social Practice

  • Project Branding
  • Water Data – Sales & Water Quality

Release Beta (January 2020)




  • Dynamic App features
  • Crowdsourcing tool
  • Robust UI/UX

PHLASK Social Practice

  • Build userbase
  • Promotional Activities
  • Improve Map Data
  • Improve Water Data

Launch PHLASK App (June 2020)

Some project highlights from the past several months have included:

  1. Consolidated - established the new platform that will eventually become the workable beta map and eventual PHLASK App
  2. Code for Philly Launchpad 2019 - participated in the Code for Philly Launchpad and welcomed several new project contributors to the team
  3. Rutgers Camden Hackaween 2019 - participated in the Rutgers Hackaween, which planted the seeds for future PHLASK Tap crowdsourcing tools
  4. Enterprise on-boarding kit for Drink Philly Tap coalition - developed a media kit for the Drink Philly Tap coalition to help businesses join the map; first up, La Colombe!
  5. PHLASK Project Census - Took stock of where we've come, who we are, and where we're going to hopefully continue building an inclusive, welcoming working group
  6. Trash Academy #BYObagPHL map takeover - highlighted Mural Arts' Trash Academy's Bring Your Own Bag billboards around the city, encouraging people to use reusable bags

As always, we continue to welcome contributions and support from anyone interested in getting involved. If any of the work in our project Roadmap appeals to you, or if you have other ideas that could help us advance the project mission, please reach out to us on Code for Philly's Slack, channel #phlask

Thank you for PHLasking ^_^