Christopher Nies (Administrator) GreenSTEM Network Update #2

Well, last night was our second meetup at Drexel's ExCITe center. Matt, Amir, Jason, and I worked on the project for a couple of hours and we made real progress!

As of last night, our Arduino has been upgraded from a kind-of-finicky Ethernet shield to a much more easygoing WiFi shield. We were able to connect to the ExCITe WiFi network without a problem! So we spent the meetup tweaking our Rails server app and integrating our existing Arduino code with the new hardware.

After a bit of trouble, we got the Arduino talking with the Rail app! Right now we're still working on constructing a proper POST request via the Arduino (and passing the JSON-packaged sensor data along with it) but a dialog has been opened!

This next meetup, we're going to: 1. Continue our Rails work 2. Figure out how to send the POST request 3. Start working on passing the actual sensor values to the POST request