Corey Acri (Administrator) Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Update #49

CyclePhilly Datasets

These datasets reflect CyclePhilly trips that were mappable to DVRPC's Open Street Map facility network from May through October, 2014 (6 months; 8,340 individual trips by 220 unique CyclePhilly users). CyclePhilly trip data was processed and snapped to the nearest road or trail segment using a special algorithm so that total volumes by segment could be calculated and compared (some facilities—particularly park trails—may not be in the mapped network; CyclePhilly data for these segments is not shown). Note that the CyclePhilly trips do not reflect all bicycling in the city and region; CyclePhilly users' trip patterns may not reflect those of all cyclists. Trip ends (origin/destination) have been 'fuzzed' to protect users' privacy, so true start and stop locations are obscured in these datasets. A data dictionary and ReadMe are included within each ZIP file.