We are building a network of community advocates in neighborhoods, community centers and churches. This process will provide personal, one-on-one "real needs" counseling and "match making" of needs to resources to help people find the social supports and material connections needed to make everyday living more productive and less difficult.

This project will encourage key people in every community to LISTEN to their neighbors, use and teach data tools and web sites to RECORD useful information, and help people CONNECT with each other when appropriate.

We are working to build an Internet connected system that will allow the key people to work together by recording and sharing appropriate information about needs, services and interests of the people they serve.

How Is This Different?

Existing information and communication services support individuals to connect with each other and to find and use information services for THEMSELVES. What we are proposing to do is to empower people we are calling community or information advocates to act as intermediaries between OTHER people who can't or don't have time to use the Internet for themselves. Community advocates are people who help other people and might be thought of as librarians for the community, match makers, or social media instructors for their community.

Please consider joining this project to help build the Internet tools that will allow the community advocates to work together. As envisioned, the service we want to build will allow the community advocates to list and share the needs, resources and interests of their clients in a way that will provide for both "getting the word out" and maintaining appropriate privacy for the client community.

For more info see the Information Advocates Notebook from the main page or contact Stan Pokras <> 267-968-0407

Project Activity

Update #4

Community Magic is the parent project for As mentioned in the previous update, we've received great help from Code for Philly.

But, right now, Wikidelphia needs to be updated and we need help with that. I've tried to read the instructions for updating Mediawiki, but… I can't even read the instructions. So, we need someone who is conversant in PHP and the server where Wikidelphia is hosted…. If you might be interested in helping, please write or call me 267-968-0407 (phone or text).

Update #3

My Thanks to Daniel for his ability to read the php set up document and guide me through adding the pull down menus for the Multi-Category Search. This feature is now available on Wikidelphia

Community Magic manages­ We're in need of a php person for an hour to help install a new feature called Multi-CategorySearch. It should be a very straight forward task, but just a bit more complicated than I can handle alone. It shouldn't take more than an hour to get this new feature set up. Please let me know if you will be available. Thanks!

Update #1

Were building a model data system from which we will develop a Web based platform to hold information about community members' needs, skills, and interests.

The information will be collected by people who serve their neighbors (or other community members) by being connection points and helping people to find each other as appropriate. We are referring to these people as community information advocates.

The community information advocates will help people in their own community find each other and help to connect to people in other communities using the Web based platform.

Once the model is complete (along with field descriptions and structural requirements) we will need the services of people who can build the actual Web based platform.