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Philly City Council Legislative Subscription Service.

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Project Activity

Update #3

All the work that was done this weekend at the Democracy Hackathon distributed across several repos.


  • (upstream)

    • This is the core of the new iteration of councilmatic. It is the basis on which and are built. It uses the OpenCivicData format to pull in information.

    • This is a version of the OCD API that's set up and ready to be deployed. It has the Philadelphia City Council District shape data included.
  • (upstream)

    • This is the Django app that serves as the OCD API server.
  • (branch phl-councilmatic-3)

    • This is a fork of the councilmatic-starter-template project. So far, only cosmetic aspects have been configured — setting up the names of things in Philadelphia, adding a liberty bell, etc.
  • (upstream)

    • This is intended to be the starting point for a new councilmatic instance. We made a few changes that we should submit as pull requests upstream. When configuring the philly-councilmatic project, if there's something that all new instances would benefit from, a change should be made in this starter project and pulled into Philly.

Documentation & Resources:

  • (one of the many endpoints in the server)

Update #2

The Philly instance getting updated! Cory and Tk did some awesome work on a facelift a few months back that's finally going live. The project is at until all the kinks are worked out, then it will be switched over to

Soon, we're going to start work on a proper project website that will occupy and link to city-specific Councilmatic instances that are live or in development.

Update #1

There has been a ton of awesome work on the project in the bootstrap-templates branch, thanks to Forrest Gregg and Derek Eder from in Chicago. We need some help to update the Philly instance to pull in the changes!