Hello PHL Hackers:

We are working to see how innovations are created and spread through hackathon competitions. We're curious to know how designers and developers can produce software/websites given the time restriction, with the focus on technological enablers such as gits and APIs.

We're looking for some hackers to help us understand these innovation dynamics.

Here's the link to the website for potential interview subjects & a mini-survey.

Hackers and Civic Innovators Invited! -

We'd appreciate you passing this out and along to whoever you think appropriate. Thanks!

Nicole, Youngjin and Yuriy

Project Activity

Update #2

New link, and more information on "Hacking the Hackers' project…. We would love to have your feedback participation. Check out the full project description, some real amazing stuff here:

Update #1

Code for Philly Hacker Nicole Choi is a Phd Student by day at Temple University and is working on a project to understand hacking dynamics better. Let's help her out with her project Hacking the Hackers : Understanding Hacking Dynamics by filling out a simple survey. Thanks!