Note: this project is heavy on data manipulation and coding.

I set up demo to see if PostGIS could pull crimes that are nearest Septa regional rail stations and heat map them with Leaflet and heatmap.js. It went a little viral indicating a demand for stuff like this:

and trashed by philebrity for having no context what so ever.

Project ideas

  • finish the Septa stops of buses and subway stops
  • heat map the change in crime over time
  • heatmap schools in the district where the most crime happens during school dismissal hours
  • get data on whether it's true that more crime happens near methadone clinics vs 7 elevens(this was an actual argument last year in NE Philly)

To Do

  • choose direction, flesh it all out

Help Needed

  • This is project is pretty heavy programming. An experienced php/PostGRE developer

Project Activity