The entire city is our free botanic garden!

Use PlantSwapr to offer and find plants to swap with others near you. Post a photo, write a blurb, make a wishlist, check the map, and get swapping!

MVP below: 1. Swaprs login with Facebook or email. 2. Swaprs create profile, inputting their nearby cross street for semi-anonymous mapping. 3. Swaprs post offers of their surplus plants, seeds, bulbs, scion wood & rootstock. 4. Swaprs search others' listings for specific plants. 5. Swaprs browse a map of offers from gardeners nearby. 6. Swaprs use private messages to inquire and set up swaps. 7. Swaprs share pictures of their offers to boost swaps.

Bonus Features 8. Swaprs can search map within 5 miles, 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, unlimited 9. Swaprs create a wishlist of plants they'd love to receive in rs rank planttted

Project Activity

Update #2

Today I am grateful for Catherine Killebrew's awesome work in getting me started on the right path! She helped me download software to work with GitHub, Python, and Django for the back-end development of PlantSwapr. I'll be busy doing some basic tutorials to get started next week. It also seems the mock-ups right now will need to be revised based on PlantSwapr becoming a Web App instead of a Mobile App. Also, we will simplify the user experience by separating the services into separate windows. Progress!

Maybe this will be ready for next Fall, or even Spring!

Update #1

Showed first iteration mockup to folks at Code4Philly and got some good feedback. Now headed back to the drawing board to make a Pinterest-like start page and simplify the map screen.