README is a simple mobile website for finding live bus and trolley positions.

A new version v3 is in the works that integrates schedules, trip planning, and other open data feeds available from SEPTA.

Project Activity

Update #7

Most of the issues posted on Github have now been resolved.

We are currently altering the app's routing logic in the schedule section, changing the way URL paths are pushed, This should enable any individual page in the schedule section of the app to be added as a bookmark.

Next up, we need to explore some issues we are having receiving schedule data. We hope to define the cause of these issues whether there is route information missing on the server or if the problem is with the requests sent by the app.

Update #6 has changed its geocoder service api to use google's geocoder. This will provide much more accurate results.

We've also fixed all known issues.

We're currently looking for beta testers. Check out the latest version at

Update #4

Updated to use OpenTripPlanner for schedule and trip planning and SmartyStreets API for auto complete.

New design thanks to Ali and Ryon

LeafletJS based maps

Uses latest Sencha Touch

Coming Soon: * Septa Perks * Tokens * Bookmarks * Alerts * Push Notifications (native only)

Update #1 received a couple minor updates today:

  • Now uses Sencha Touch production build tools optimally:
    • Site and initial routes list can be loaded without any internet connection thanks to a combination of HTML5 manifest caching and LocalStorage
    • Any updates to the site will be downloaded via a tiny delta patch after the app is running and the user will be prompted to restart
  • Building on some initial work by Richard Gottlieb, alerts are fetched after selecting a bus/trolley route now and will be displayed above the map if found.