Christopher Nies (Administrator) GreenSTEM Network Update #3

Tonight's another night of Arduino hacking! As of last time, we're at a point where our Arduino is communicating with our Rails app (although they don't understand one another just yet).

So this evening we're going to be working on getting them talking the same language. In addition, I want to put out an open invitation to anyone who might be interested in this project in particular or Arduino in general to come by and check us out! I'll be bringing my Arduino for someone else to try, so if you have a laptop, I can even get you set up to start experimenting with Arduino code yourself!

Some of our goals for this evening include: -Getting communication with the Rails server working -Passing actual collected data from the moisture sensors to the server (right now we're just using dummy data to get it to work) -POSSIBLY integrating data storage code for an SD card on the Arduino, so that we'll have a backup in case the network goes down -POSSIBLY beginning design and architecture of a simple queuing system so that data that is NOT sent for whatever reason IS sent when communication is restored.