This project is my effort to get the startup Addictive Science involved with the local Philadelphia Science/Tech communities. Addictive Science is an online learning environment designed to virtually immerse everyday people in discovery & curiosity while engaging minds with STEM Sciences through online social discovery apps. I started building as a means to embrace my new career in Science Communication and Technology. The programming & design goals of Addictive Science from conception were to make all of our code open source and free to the public. The reasoning is to allow the Science/Technology communities, locally and globally online, to be able to contribute and build upon our code. Addictive Science needs your help in crowdsourcing awesome ideas, people, code, design and more to enhance the experience and social engagement of everyday people throughout the site.

One of the main reasons I created Addictive Science was to share and communicate the daily Science I was discovering and to present that content in a way that would help everyday people as well as people with learning disabilities learn Science easier. Growing up I was diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities that would forever make education difficult for me to process. ADD, Dyslexia, APD are just some of the fun ones I’ve learned to live and work with. Throughout my life I’ve relied on self-education and interactive discovery to enhance my life. I’ve come to realize that these disabilities can be hacked to an individual's advantage. Just like the way a well-designed piece of code can change the effortlessness of using a complex program, we too can hack our disabilities to make learning and discovering Science easier for others.

In my case I was able to start my first successful company by hacking new and innovative STEM technologies and software to help me achieve my goals. I also overcame many of my learning disabilities and became a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and innovator in the Construction Trade Services Industry. As I’ve been assimilating into Philly’s Science/Tech communities, I’ve come to realize very clearly that I’m only one of many who’ve also discovered ways to hack their disabilities and stand out as successful entrepreneurs and innovators in their respective fields.

My goal with this project is to hack the way we communicate Science locally and though the online medium of Addictive Science. We’re still in the Startup, Design, Development and Beta Deployment phases of our mission. However if we’re able to rally the amazing local talent of the Philadelphia community for support through crowdsourcing Awesome Ideas, People, Code and Design; then I believe we can accomplish something incredible and worth building together.

In the upcoming months/years I’ll be reaching out to local Science/Technology organizations and businesses to help host events sponsored by Addictive Science. Our goal is to promote community collaboration and innovation around Science Communication while hacking technology to help enrich the lives of everyday people and people who learn differently.

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Jess Mason Phone: (267) 393-0910 Email: ( Twitter: @Addictive_Sci

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