Cite Club

Cite Club is an attempt to incentivize and streamline the process of fixing [citation needed] tags on Wikipedia entries.

It works by streamlining the process of finding facts that require citations and generating the proper code/markup to cite those facts.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. The user clicks on a big, shiny, inviting button

  2. The app searches Wikipedia for a citation needed tag in a Wikipedia article

  3. The user is presented with the specific sentence that has the citation needed tag (along with other text above and below it, intending to provide context to the user

  4. The user clicks on a "skip it!" or "cite it!" link, which either opens a new fact, or (if the user wants to research and cite this fact), opens a form designed to make entering a citation as easy as possible.

  5. The system checks the users' information in a rudimentary manner (for example, if the user enters a website for a citation, the system might ask "Blogs are not typically reliable sources of information. Make sure your site is trustworthy!")

  6. The user clicks submit, the app makes the changes to the page, and the citation is added!

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