Hi folks, Some of you are familiar with, which is an open data and organizing site that is aimed at democratizing information about vacant land and providing folks with the tools to get legal access to that land. For us, it's about gardens, farms, and open space, but the site gets used in other ways as well. We're working on Phase II of the site and are looking for some help with a couple of projects. These include: - Incorporating the Philadelphia Water Department Parcel layer - Incorporating new data on City Owned properties - Creating a mechanism for a full vacant land CSV download - Creating a mechanism for full vacant land geodata download - Creating a mechanism for a full garden CSV download (for admin) - Creating a mechanism to download garden counts and other general garden data - Facebook thumbnail - Like/Share/Tweet functionality

Anyone interested??

Project Activity

Philly Urban Agriculture at EcoCamp

This is somewhat old news at this point, but thought it might be helpful to share here. At the Philly EcoCamp Hackathon this summer, we built a map site with some data layers that may be helpful for identifying vacant properties suitable for agriculture.

Here is the site. If you click a spot, it will go fetch nearby properties and show them on the map.

The code for it is here.

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Update #1

I try to make it to Code for Philly as often as I can. If you're interested in this project, shoot me an email and I can meet up with you at CfP or connect at another time!