Open mesh networking hardware that can be joined together into a mesh network . Can be used on its own with built in screen or can have data routed to it to extend the functionality of other open source projects. We've nicknamed it HiJump because the signal between devices involves a combo of hi/low transmissions and because once a device receives a payload, the devices around it are checked to see if they have yet received that specific payload. If not, it then jumps to them. The goal is for this device to be small enough to comfortably fit onto a keychain, to contain a low-res character based display, and text input.

Main idea and project started by Jack Amoratis and Patrick Woodburn. Project started 11/18/2014. We would be grateful for help and additional contributions are definitely needed, but with other projects, I have noticed people listing themselves in the project as "CEO" and things of that nature - even though we'd never met them before and the project was not a business at all (which this project is not either.) Please do not add yourself with imaginary titles or we will delete you from it. For no other reason than we simply seek sincere contributors to bring their honest contributions of time, skill, and brain power to the project. Thanks.

Project Activity