Minimal Blue Bikes Philly

Miniaml Blue Bikes Philly is an Android app displays station status for the Indego Bike Share in Philadelphia. There is NO MAP, NO GPS, and works on Android 2.3+. It shows the station name, distance and direction from a reference "current" station, a color icon showing status / how full, and number of bikes/docks available. There is a summary statistics page, a station detail w/ address and location hint.

Why Minimal?

I have a 5 year old phone running Android 2.3 and I wanted a quick and light app to find stations, bikes, and docks. I know the city fairly well and didn't want to wait for a map to load on my slow phone. I also keep GPS off to save battery so I didn't want to require GPS to find "nearest" stations. The only required permission is Internet access to access the station data.

Looking for development suggestions and Location Hints

About 20-30 of the stations have location hints like "Near 9th St. behind the Rite-aid". Looking to complete the list!

Project Activity

Update #1

I have released my Android App "Minimal Blue Bikes Philly" v1.0 to the Play Store and have added the project to Code for Philly. It's a lightweight Indego station status app with no map and no GPS. And it works on older Android (2.3+). Please give it a try and I'm looking for feedback.