Near Green is a web application that aims to make healthy food accessible to the city of Philadelphia.

Project Activity

Update #3

We met up this evening at the hack night to talk about the next steps for NearGreen. Also we met and welcomed Charmel to the team!

Quick shoutout to Nke for developing an SMS service to text the user a list of healthy corner stores, near the zip code they supply!

Next up for NearGreen, for a target of Mid-February:

Make web application mobile friendly and responsive Charmel and Logan have both expressed interest in this initiative and we're excited to have them on board, to take on the front-end efforts Secure file hosting to house our web application and register a domain name Integrate SMS service into NearGreen Get the word out about NearGreen to find our targeted demographic and have these users test our app and provide feedback

Great work Greenies!

Update #2

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken us this far in the project! I couldn't have done it without you. This was truly a team effort.

We have our MVP on github and can't wait to keep going. The support we've received has been so encouraging.

Thanks to the audience at CAASH we won the "Jawn award" for crowd favorite! Check out the writeup of the event here -

We also want to say welcome to Logan Crossan fullstack dev who will be joining our team. We are so excited to have you on board!

As you know, this demo was just the beginning.

Phase 2 will be getting hosting to move the whole project live.

Other steps towards making NearGreen everything we dreamed include

  • Make some UI improvements to the map page
  • Add the ability to expand the radius of your search
  • An option to get Walking, Cycling, Transit, and driving directions to and from your current - - location right within the web app
  • Features where you can email this list to yourself or text a result to your phone from your - computer (great for people who don’t have smart phones)
  • More information within the location marker window
  • Improve user experience and accessibility through user testing
  • Add more store data from the city of Philadelphia (2016 update)

Anyone who is interested in joining in on the effort please feel free to join this project on, and join the conversation at