A deployment of the OpenTripPlanner multi-modal trip planning tool. Loaded with transit data for agencies in PA, NJ, NY, CT, and DE. Useful for trip planning and transit accessibility analysis.

Project Activity

Update #34

Our site works with the OpenTripPlanner Android app (available in the Play store). Just set the server address under 'Settings' to:

Update #29

I've posted a publicly available Amazon machine image of an OpenTripPlanner and Nominatim server, with data and a current graph build, along with scripts for its care and feeding, that covers the same areas as the current instance at Philly, NYC, NJ, and DE.
It's over here: Public AMI ami-11765d78 named "OpenTripPlanner Northeast" Owner 130332012311

Notes on its management in a Google doc, here:

Update #25

Now serving a Nominatim geocoder for PA, NJ, NY, and DE:

OpenTripPlanner's geocoder module is in place to use our Nominatim instance, but the web app doesn't know about it yet. Here's an example query:

Also, updated data for NJ TRANSIT and MTA.

Update #23

The PATCO data has been updated, and I've put the files and source code I used to build the GTFS on GitHub: