Project Description

The mission of the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund is to end cash bail in our city. Until that day, we post bail for residents who cannot afford to pay.

Currently, we use the google suit (google sheets, google voice, etc.) to manage the bail process. However, with hundreds of requests a month we're reaching the limit of what these can do.

We'd like to move to a system that will allow us to

  • track requests in a consistent, structured way
  • ensure data integrity, even with multiple users
  • help automate simple, repetitive tasks
  • allow us to report data to donors

Important use cases:

  1. Allows volunteers to hand off cases. Currently, 1 person carries a case all the way through, due to inconsistent data entering / inability to see who filled a field or wrote a note.
  2. Data is consistent, so PCBF can generate reports for donors. E.g. how many cases were resolved, or what the average bail request was.
  3. Automatically enters voicemail into system


  • A person with backend experience (e.g. databases)
  • A person with frontend experience
  • A person interested in data analysis
  • A person with experience with CRMs, who can help us consider whether a switch to a system like CiviCRM, airtable, or salesforce may be helpful.

Project Activity