As an unfunded project, it can use all the support it can get. Looking for collaboration to help increase its adoption, ideas to spread awareness, and tie-ins with other food access efforts.

We'll need much wider adoption, and for this to happen we have to focus on reaching people where they are (ie. does it need an Instagram?)—and delivering a great experience for users on their journey towards solving A) immediate food needs, B) charting a sustainable path to food security for themselves and their families, and C) connecting interested parties (like us) with advocacy tools, resources.

CONTRIBUTIONS ENVISIONED: Research, development of advocacy tools, media/press outreach, and proposal of—and development of—new features.

Project Activity

Inspiring Stories from our Business Community

Thousands of people are finding food, especially Senior Citizens and families, on

Alongside this effort, Key Medium also supports various nonprofits & the Government—which got us featured alongside Verizon and others for our Coding for Causes x CfP projects.

See our analytics (feel free to select March 23, when we redesigned, in the top right—and yes this is the lowest bounce rate we’ve ever seen, too):

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Update #2

Rebranded and redesigned, launching to production today amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which saw a 10x increase in traffic!

Update #1

v2 RE-LAUNCH by the Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC,, Hunger Coalition, and supported by me (12/28/18)

Philly Food Finder app makes finding affordable food easier

Twenty-two percent of Philadelphians are food insecure — unsure of where their next meal is coming from.

The Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council’s Anti-Hunger Subcommittee saw the need for a food resources toolkit that consolidated information about how to get affordable, healthy food in Philadelphia. So it gathered and compiled reliable information about different types of food resources for a project now known as Philly Food Finder.

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Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council

In September 2014, FPAC’s Anti-Hunger Subcommittee partnered with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and Hack4Impact to develop an interactive, online version of the food resources toolkits. Hack4Impact is a University of Pennsylvania student group doing in-kind web development for nonprofit organizations. A small team of students spent five months creating, which offers online access to a comprehensive map of food resources that is searchable by address.

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