Prevention Point is a private nonprofit organization providing harm reduction services to Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Currently, they are storing data from their programs in separate Excel spreadsheets, disparate EHRs, and partner data systems. This prevents them from being able to see all activities associated with an individual program participant, and also makes it impossible for them to do meaningful analyses that monitor program health and evaluate efforts.

This project would work to migrate all of the disparate data sources into one system, make a UI that allows Prevention Point to access all participant data in one system, and increase the ease with which program coordinators can evaluate and monitor activities.

Project Activity

Update #1

Prevention Point UDS nearing MVP status!

We're so close to the MVP (replacing the check-in workflow) we can taste it!

Looking for talented React and Django developers willing to work on tying up our loose ends and getting a head start on the next component (building out admin functionality)! Find us in #preventionpoint!