Resource Awareness Philly is a open-source project that started at the Code for Philly SustyHack2015 from 10/17/15 - 10/18/15 in Philly. The goals of the project are

  1. To create a comprehensive data set for all services for folks who need little help to get back in the game in Philly.

  2. Provide web service REST apis to access and update the data set so that clients (web/mobile) can be developed.

  3. Build a responsive web application that users in Philly can access on public library computers etc. as well as by services providers on desktop and mobile devices.

  4. Iterative UI Design based on the needs and feedback of the users and partners.

  5. Increase awareness among volunteers to learn more about education & career opportunities related to coding & technology and providing positive mentor/mentee relationships both in-person and virtually.

  6. Have fun, laugh, share stories and play some harmless pranks on each other ;-)

Chat and get involved in this project on the #community_services on Code for Philly Slack (

Project Activity

Update #3

Cleaned up data and added "RAP - Data" worksheet to our Google Docs workbook

Presentation and application are being prepared for our demo/presentation at the Code for Philly hack night, December 29th at 7, at Devnuts.

Please come support the project and join our team if you are interested in assisting those in need, connect to the resources they are seeking.

Update #2

It was a great opportunity to be a part of this awesome project which lead us to help other people too (Homeless). Proud to be a member of the project #sustyslack2015

Update #1

This project kicked off at SustyHack2015 and would love members interested in helping contribute to alleviating socio-economic inequalities.