Resource Philly Map (RPM) aims to make accessing critical services across the city quick and easy for people in need.

RPM aims to help folks in Philadelphia experiencing homelessness or other difficult times, connecting them with food, housing, medical care, and other services. RPM reduces the cost of access, by listing services that are nearby, personally relevant (e.g. gender/age), and with available inventory. RPM empowers community nonprofit organizations to log onto the app, update their information, and increase the reach and impact of their services.

RPM takes inspiration by a similar effort in San Fransisco, Link-SF. RPM is a revamp of an older CfP project, Resource Awareness Philly. We're back up and running, and moving fast.

Project Activity

Update #2

Great news! Resource Philly Map (RPM) is pleased to announce its partnership with the Defender Association of Philadelphia. This new partnership empowers us to tailor our app around the needs of Philly Defenders' thousands of constituents.

RPM is designed to be the fastest way to connect people in need with social services in Philadelphia. We are actively developing our prototype, and we would love to involve more collaborators, including developers, project managers, designers, and business analysts. Please reach out on Slack under the channel #resource-philly-map.

Update #1

Big news! This Resource Philly Map project, formerly named Resource Awareness Philly, is moving again, and fast. We have a new prototype, and we're looking for more collaborators. Please reach out on Slack under the channel #resource-philly-map.

Prototype: Philly Resource Map

Given the interest of local nonprofits in managing their information, this project was re-rolled into the new Drupal 8 content management system.


  • Update data: The data is pulled from the spreadsheet compiled by this project team in 2015, so it needs to be updated. Come to the data entry sprint @ the Hack Night on 4/16!

  • Add cool new features: For examples, we're considering adding a revamped UX, disaster-specific services (e.g. for hurricanes, govt. shutdowns), user notifications (e.g. "New services added in your area"), and voice commands with DialogFlow (e.g. "Where is there available shelter near me?")

  • Build partnerships: The Office of Homeless Services in Philadelphia has indicated interest in generating a user base for this app, and we are building partnerships with local nonprofits serving homeless citizens as well as the Free Library.