Matt Schaff  Resource Philly Map Update #1

Big news! This Resource Philly Map project, formerly named Resource Awareness Philly, is moving again, and fast. We have a new prototype, and we're looking for more collaborators. Please reach out on Slack under the channel #resource-philly-map.

Prototype: Philly Resource Map

Given the interest of local nonprofits in managing their information, this project was re-rolled into the new Drupal 8 content management system.


  • Update data: The data is pulled from the spreadsheet compiled by this project team in 2015, so it needs to be updated. Come to the data entry sprint @ the Hack Night on 4/16!

  • Add cool new features: For examples, we're considering adding a revamped UX, disaster-specific services (e.g. for hurricanes, govt. shutdowns), user notifications (e.g. "New services added in your area"), and voice commands with DialogFlow (e.g. "Where is there available shelter near me?")

  • Build partnerships: The Office of Homeless Services in Philadelphia has indicated interest in generating a user base for this app, and we are building partnerships with local nonprofits serving homeless citizens as well as the Free Library.