Spencer Snygg  VoteWise.net Update #22

We are currently trying to decide priorities for this year. Do we focus on local elections in a few larger cities or do we focus on 2020? Doing local elections requires a different set of tools than federal ones and different research/networking. we can get information on national candidates eaily, but there are over 10,000 local election boards, and we just don't have enough time to contact them all. So we can spend a lot of time trying to build tools and relationships with other organizations that can do the footwork for us, or we can pick a few cities, or we can focus on 2020.


Because a lot of people vote along party lines, Votewise.net is most useful for primaries - which unfortunately cuts down our lead time.

You can check out the our progress at our test site or you can see the live tools at VoteWise.net