Spencer Snygg  VoteWise.net Update #7

Our database is up, but not integrated with our front end yet…. but SOON.

Requests for advice: 1- Does anyone have any favorite user-forum plug-ins we can drop into our site? We want voters and politicians to be able to talk to each other locally, county wide, state wide, or across the nation.

2- We started our back-end using Phalcon as a PHP framework, because it compiles to C++, so it runs super fast. Unfortunately, we are having problems finding people who know Phalcon, so it's hard for volunteers to jump in and contribute on back-end stuff. We would love to hear people's opinions on back-end frameworks that are best for groups of various skills and time commitment abilities.

3- We are looking at integrating the Google Civic Information API. Anyone have experience with API integration? The API is at https://developers.google.com/civic-information/

email me at spencersnygg@silentmonkeys.com