Project Activity

Update #4

The site is live. I found cheap hosting via hostinger and hand coded basic HTML and CSS. I promoted this tool via a Malvern focused Facebook group and it was well received. The goal is for this resource to be continually updated and used as a quarterly input to the PA Dept of Environment Protection database within (

Update #3

The URL for more info action is working… Next I want to add a click here for Google Maps directions…

I'll need to denote the lat and long for each address then follow the technique outlined here:,(separated%20by%20a%20comma).

I don't think there's a way to parse a gmap mailing address URL…

Update #2

Here's the backend tables (g sheets). Just 3 tables… items, centers, and item center. I use data validation of course. Tableau does the join for me.

Update #1

Here's the Tableau Public lookup app —-!/vizhome/WillistownRecyclingLookup/Search?publish=yes

Please take a look. I'm seeking usability suggestions.