Michiko Quinones  YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #15

Ah the life flow hit members of Yadaguru tonight some of us are getting married, some of us are moving, some of us are doing both! So we were scarce at Code for Philly. BUT we have turned a major corner in that we are moving into Testing!!! This is huge! It means that the prototype is essentially built. Katelin, our Guidance Counselor, is going to configure the app to prep for the upcoming school year. There's a lot of wordsmithing and messaging of reminders to do. Bob and Aidan have built a admin backend that allows Katelin to add and delete reminders, to set them up with approximate timeframes in which they should be given (ie 120 days prior to application submission), to group them into categories (eg: essays), and to add all of the SAT and ACT test dates for the year. It's really quite amazing what this team of volunteers has built in the course of a few months. And also - now the site looks like -for realz - AMAZING, thanks to new addition front end developer Michael. Katelin is going to now update the app with the data she knows. She'll also probably encounter some bugs that we'll try to work out before the school year. We'll push out to Yadaguru and will be looking for some help in auto scaling in AWS. Probably in the next few weeks well also need some testing help , so we can see how the app performs on mobile devices. We need to do a few others things, like add the reminder buttons (eg: push to google, push to ical). It's a great time on team Yadaguru!