Michiko Quinones  YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #16

The team has been working incredbily hard on the prototype. Our architecture is maturing; dev and production branches, CI, automated deploys by our newest member of the team Yadabot (who also provides PUG spam and mean squirriils as needed). Katelin has been updating the reminders on the front end, organizing the data meaningfully into reminders, testing how the dates look and working and re-working the language to make it stick with highschoolers. Michael has got the front end looking like a legit app and we've got our Made with Love by Code for Philly logo on the front page. Tonight we we're fortnuate to have Michiko's friend Anthony come out and talk to us about any changes needed for AWS to adjust for scaling. There are about 3 million applications to school in the United States each year. But we're focused on Philly and so we're not expecting that many hits ;). We decided on a definition of done, posted that in Flowdock and then used Rally to priortize our exisiting feature requests and defects to meet that defintion. We're looking towards an of an end of September date to complete, and we'll do an architectural review then. Then we'll work with some local schools to introduce the app to them. We talked a little bit about that scary moment when we'll go watch kids use the app. That will be a true moment of truth. We'll do that first, probably at the end of September, make changes based on what we see, and then get ready for launch!