Michiko Quinones  YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #25

Hi we are currently building the mobile app. We now have a new backend in Javascript using standard MVC architecture. Much easier to teach and we are welcoming a few new folks Rowana and Zack to help us. Bob is leveraging TDD - building in unit tests right from the beginning - which is great to both a) determine if the environment is set up correctly and b) determine if the code is good. We're getting to the point where we can begin testing twilio and we are happy to note that they have a test api for that (thanks Twilio), so we don't have to use our grant for testing. Michiko is out marketing, hold workshops for parents, meeting with schools, developing promotional materials. The marketing goal is to make people aware of Yadaguru as a niche tool and then leverage that to get them up and running with the mobile app when we move forward with that.